Be Moor Radio is a broadcasting game-changer designed to help every listener to "Be Moor". Our goal is to present a new model that honors the rich positive aspects of hip-hop that can and will influence hip-hop culture to be once again a positive force and voice in our community. 

As a supporter, you are also joining our "We Believe" campaign where you will receive our new We Believe wristband. Thank you for believing and supporting. 

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Thank you for donating and investing in Be Moor Radio, L3C. There are no gifts to small. By supporting this endeavor you're joining our new army of individuals who believe that hip-hop culture has crossed the line and its negative influence is destructive. 

We are a youth-centered, mission-driven, leadership development radio station that is committed to changing the trajectory of hip-hop music with clean, positive and progressive language that uplifts the spirits and souls of our listeners.